suggest poems/poetry blogs for me

i need to read for inspiration

i want every inch of my skin
framed in your weathered hands

iwillstealyour-wifi: I just wanted to let you know I think your writing is amazing, it gives me chills. I write poetry too but, this is above poetry. It's beautiful <3

Ahhh well thank you, I’m flattered!


Offering this to mutual follows first, I am dedicating my graduate free time to disciplining myself in the art of hand lettering to grow myself as a graphic designer.

I am offering anyone interested to send me their favorite short quotes or phrases or anything they need hand lettered for free! I will then mail the finished pieces to you!

Offer is only good for people within the US (and maybe Canada, I have to look into postal costs)

If interested, shoot me a message.

Thank you mustangheart for being a willing participant :)

Also offering this to my poetry fans! If you like lines of some of my poems and you’d like a hand lettered, version of something, please inbox me on this blog or thenorthernconstellations!